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Jade Bloom Essential Oils Brand Review

When you start looking for the top essential oil companies, the name Jade Bloom always comes up. Even though this company hasn’t been on a market for long (it’s a youngster compared to some other brands), it has become a fierce competitor to big brands like doTERRA and Young Living.

If you’re wondering whether Jade Bloom products are worth your money and whether their oils can rise to your expectations, continue reading our review. Preferences differ, so different brands suit different people and that’s why we’ve done extensive research on Jade Bloom to help you decide if this is the brand for you. 

A Company Overview

Jade Bloom, “a small company with a big mission,” is a family-owned company established in 2014. Their brand is oriented toward “Health, Healing, & Happiness”. You can find Jade Bloom products on their website and one retail location in Draper, Utah.

What motivated Stephanie and her husband Adam to open the company is to provide the highest quality essential oils at the lowest prices. Since they sell their products directly to customers (without the cost-rising middlemen), they have managed to deliver the purest oils at a fair price.

Jade Bloom’s mission is founded on 4 key pillars: 

  1. Prioritizing quality over cost savings
  2. Providing educational science-based learning resources through Jade Bloom University (more on that later)
  3. Focusing on a customer-centric culture
  4. Offering low-priced products as the result of efficient operations, low overhead, and a dedicated and passionate team

Jade Bloom Prices

Jade Bloom’s prices are very affordable. What can cut the cost even more is if go with larger bottle sizes (up to 120mL). If you spend over $35 you also get free shipping.

Another way to save is to earn rewards points through Jade Bloom University and loyalty points which you can then redeem for discounts.

Jade Bloom Essential Oils Quality 

Jade Bloom essential oils are 100% pure. To achieve top-notch quality, they source all the ingredients from indigenous farmers. The harvest must be organic, pesticide-free, and non-GMO to meet their standards and be accepted. 

As a company that emphasizes transparency, Jade Bloom explains to their customers how the oils are extracted by adding the terms “pharmaceutical” and “therapeutic” on the label. Oils that were extracted using cold pressing are classified as “pharmaceutical” and “therapeutic” classification refers to those that are extracted using steam distillation.

Jade Bloom Testing Processes

Every batch of Jade Bloom oil goes through 3rd party testing. The oils’ journey from the distillery to the bottle is challenged by a series of tests (including the GC-MS testing) and only if they pass every single one of them can they end up on the shelf.

Jade Bloom was the first company to publicly show the GC-MS testing results. They even made a video about what GC/MC testing is to help their consumers understand its importance. 

If you wish to know the exact compounds and their percentage in the oil, you can check the GC-MS report for every bottle on the product page. 

Jade Bloom Product Selection

Followed by their “Health, Healing, & Happiness” mission, Jane Bloom offers an extensive lineup of products. Currently, they have over 100 single essential oils, more than 80 blends, 36 carrier oils, and over 90 different oil-infused products. The selection of bottle sizes is also great as they offer 1 mL samples, 10 mL, 30 mL, 60 mL, and even 120 mL bottles.

The blends are designed for pretty much any ailment you can think of—lack of focus, headache, stress and anxiety, lack of energy, and more. There’s also a sensitivity line of 23 items created to suit the needs of people with sensitive skin, children, and the elderly. All of these essential oils are ​​pre-diluted and packed in roll-on containers for convenience. 

For essential oil connoisseurs and those who don’t mind splurging for more expensive oils, they have a luxury line of 15 exquisite oils. 

Jade Bloom luxury line essential oils
Jade Bloom Luxury Line

If you want to become one of their loyal customers, you can go for their Collectors Club Subscription Box. As Jade Bloom explains, the subscription will help you “discover the convenience and ease of automatically building your collection of all-natural products and 100% pure oil.”

They also offer kits and sets for specific needs where they mix and match products that work best for your requirements, for example, The Ultimate Skincare Kit or Chronic Pain Set

Here’s what else you can find among their assortment of health, care, and wellness products:

  • Oral care products
  • Skincare products
  • Hair care products
  • Deodorants
  • Ointments
  • Accessories like oil diffusers, bottles, and storage cases
  • Teas

Are Jade Bloom Essential Oils for Internal Use?

Oils that are classified as “therapeutic” can be used internally, so some of their oils can be ingested. You can get more information about ingesting Jade Bloom oils from their informative video

However, keep in mind that internal should always be approached with caution. Consult an expert prior and follow the dilution guidelines with precision and according to the instructions for each specific oil. 

Jade Bloom Customer Service & Return Policy

Jade Bloom takes customer satisfaction seriously and they take pride in their numerous positive reviews. Their Google reviews are quite impressive and they’re building a community with their consumers through social media. Customers can reach out to them via email, phone, or live chat. 

When it comes to returns, they have a “no risk” policy that encourages new customers to give their products a try and return them stress-free if they don’t like what they bought. All products can be returned for any reason within 120 days of the initial purchase. On top of that, Jade Bloom covers the shipping costs as well.

Jade Bloom University

What’s special and unique about Jade Bloom is its commitment to education. They formed Jade Bloom University with the mission “to change the way people think about health”. 

Jade Bloom University is completely free and it offers learners an opportunity to earn up to $32 worth of products as they complete the courses. So, you can get freebies while you learn the ins and outs of essential oils.

They have really created a true university feel as you can earn “Associate,” “Bachelor,” “Master,” and “Doctorate” degrees. Here’s what you can learn at each level:

  • “Associate Degree” – The basics of essential oils
  • “Bachelor Degree” – How essential oils are extracted, how raw ingredients are grown and harvested, and how oils are tested for purity
  • “Master Degree” – The pros and cons of ingesting essential oils, the difference between blends and infused oil products, and the specific benefits offered from formulated blends by Jade Bloom
  • “Doctorate Degree” – How to use over 100 different essential oils for health, healing, and happiness

Besides courses, they also offer free videos, quizzes, and informative blog posts. 

Final Thoughts

Jade Bloom is a company that prioritizes transparency, quality, and affordability. Besides the wide variety of products, purity of oils, and great customer service, their vision took them a step further and they dedicated themselves to educating people about essential oils.

What stood out for us about this company (besides the quality and affordability of oils) is Jade Bloom university which allows you to learn all about essential oils or upgrade your knowledge. In this way, they encourage their customers to make informed purchasing decisions—and that’s pretty amazing!

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