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The Best Essential Oil Brands in 2023

What to Look For in an Essential Oil Company

All of the essential oil companies on our list offer 100% pure, GC-MS tested essential oils. That is square one. If you’re looking for essential oils that are high quality, you primarily need to make sure they are 100% pure (no additives or fillers), and GC-MS tested to verify quality.

As long as a company is offering the same 100% pure essential oils, then it comes down to price, convenience, and brand preference.

There are hundreds (maybe thousands) of essential companies on the market today, and there are at least a dozen that sell 100% pure essential oils, provide convenient GC-MS test results, and offer ‘no middle-man’ affordable prices.

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The Best Essential Oil Brands

With those things in mind, here are a few of our top picks for best essential oil brands to buy from online.

Rocky Mountain Oils

rocky mountain oils essential oils - rocky mountain oils vs plant therapy

Rocky Mountain Oils offers a ton of variety, including a ton of essential oil blends, and even an organic essential oils line. They offer convenient GC-MS test results, and have a 90 day return policy.

Jade Bloom

Jade Bloom Essential Oils - Website Homepage

Jade Bloom is as committed to education about essential oils as they are to providing the highest quality, GC-MS tested essential oils. If you sign up for the Jade Bloom University, you can get up to $30 in free rewards points to use towards your first purchase.

Jade Bloom also offers a variety of other natural products like deodorants, soaps, and more.


Barefut offers 100% pure essential oils at extremely low prices. They also offer convenient GC-MS batch testing reports on each product page.

And if you’re looking for blends similar to DoTerra and Young Living, they have several comparable blends.

Eden’s Garden

Eden’s Garden offers 100% pure essential oils at incredibly affordable prices. You can buy oils in a wide variety of bottle sizes, from 5mL to 4 oz. (118mL). They also have excellent customer service and a 30 day return policy.

Shop Eden’s Garden on Amazon

Plant Therapy

Plant Therapy is offers 100% pure essential oils, as well as a huge range of other natural products. They also make it easy for you to find natural products that are safe for kids. They have outstanding customer service, and a 90 day return policy.

Shop Plant Therapy on Amazon

Should You Buy from Young Living and doTERRA?

If you’re in the market for essential oils, there’s simply no ignoring Young Living and doTERRA. These two companies are enormous, and they’ve done so much work to promote essential oils over the last several decades.

But that doesn’t mean you have to buy from them. These days, there are tons of essential oil companies offering 100% pure (you can’t get more pure than 100%) essential oils, that have been GC-MS tested for purity, and at much more affordable prices.

You are, of course, more than welcome to purchase from Young Living and doTERRA, and there are plenty of reasons to do so (you appreciate the mission of the company and want to support it, you personally know a a rep or distributor you want to support them, et cetera).

But if you’re buying from Young Living or doTERRA because you think the oils from other brands are of inferior quality, then we encourage you to reconsider.

Confusion around essential oil quality and price is one of the reasons we founded Better Essentials in the first place. Companies like Young Living and doTERRA are built on a multi-level marketing business model, meaning they need to mark up their prices so both the company and the sales rep can make a profit. That usually means much higher prices.

These days, there are plenty of companies offering direct-to-consumer, ‘no middle-man’ pricing, and there’s simply no reason to spend a fortune on high-quality essential oils if you don’t want to.

Which Essential Oil Brand Should You Choose?

There are many more essential oil brands and companies that could be added to this list (and we will update this post with more information in the future), but you can’t go wrong with any on this list.

Which one you choose is up to you. Keep in mind that you can try as many as you want! There are even some essential oil companies that offer free samples from time to time. There’s no reason your essential oil collection can’t be a hodge-podge mix of your favorite essential oil brands. And with excellent return policies, there’s virtually no risk in purchasing essential oils from a new company you haven’t tried before.

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