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Barefut vs doTERRA – Essential Oil Brand Reviews [2023]

Barefūt is a relatively small wellness company that has managed to be one of the best alternatives to doTERRA in quality essential oils. While doTerra is one of the most prominent essential oil brands in the market, it is admittedly one of the more premium choices for essential oil products. In this article, we’ll give you a few rundowns of some barefūt vs doTERRA facts and comparisons of their singles and blends and you’ll see why we recommend barefūt over doTERRA.

Why Barefūt?


(price range $8-15>)

Barefut was established in Spanish Fork, Utah in December 2010 “to meet the local needs of health stores, chiropractors, spas, and individuals.” 

They source from 35 countries and they claim that the raw materials their essential oils come from are organically grown and ethically produced free from fillers, additives, and any other types of dilution. 

Their mission is to provide ‘nature’s finest and purest essential oils and related natural health products at affordable prices’ with integrity and honesty. Their essential oil bottles come with a lot number which buyers can check the GC/MS reports on barefut’s product page.

Return Policy

Barefūt accepts unopened products within 30 days of purchase. If you report a quality issue, they can offer a refund after a quality issue is confirmed after a quality control inspection is done. 

Product Selection

Aside from essential oils, barefut also offers carrier oils, balms, and herbal teas. They also sell diffuser products like aromatherapy inhalers, diffuser necklaces, bracelets, even earrings that are made from lava stones and other porous materials that absorb the essential oils so you can get the most out of their essential oil lineups wherever you go. 

They even sell amber dropper bottles and roller bottles which is a neat way for them to become one-stop shops for these kinds of complementary products to essential oils.



(price range: $17>)

Founded in 2008 by former Young Living executives, healthcare, and business professionals, doTerra managed to rise as a prominent wellness brand offering pure, high quality essential oils to help achieve their vision of “empowering people to live a wellness lifestyle.”

doTERRA sources their raw materials for their essential oils from all over the world, and they also created their Co-Impact Sourcing™ program that aims to work with the local communities to create coalitions to make sure that local growers and distillers are treated fairly and paid properly. 

doTerra established their trademark Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) that ensures that their essential oils are top of the line. It is important to note however that doTerra does their own testing for their trademark protocol and does not involve any third-party in their quality control.

They employ a multi-level marketing scheme to bring essential oils to their customers and buyers. They call their distributors “Wellness Advocates” and they actually provide training and materials so their Wellness Advocates can also help you find the right essential oils for your needs. But aside from that, their products can easily be bought on their site, online commerce sites like Amazon, and retail stores. They also offer global shipping. 

Aside from essential oils, they have also expanded to offer doTerra Salon Essentials hair care, Veráge® Skin Care Products, and body care products.

Barefūt vs doTERRA

Here’s a summary between the two brands:

Returns30 days30 days
GC-MS TestingYes, reports providedYes, reports provided
Organic lineNoNo


Here’s a comparison of prices of Barefūt’s most popular singles against doTERRA’s prices. 

Top 10 Barefūt OilsBarefūtdoTERRA
Tea Tree$6.00-$12.00$23.00-$30.67
(Texas) Cedarwood$10.00$13.50-$18.00
Ylang Ylang$8.00-$16.00$40.00-$53.33


Here’s a side-by-side of some of doTERRA’s top proprietary blends to comparable blends of barefūt.

Fresh Air™Purify
Slim Down™Slim and Sassy®
Thrive™On Guard®

It’s worth noting that Barefut has slightly more blends than doTerra and they also have a bit more variety to their offerings. 


Among other factors, doTERRA’s MLM business model contributes a lot to their higher prices for oils. Barefūt is a solid alternative to doTerra in terms of how expansive their line of singles and blends is without the compromise of quality, for a fraction of the price. 

If you’re looking for similar high quality oils as doTERRA with more affordable prices, we recommend Barefut as a great alternative, with more product variety and convenient online shopping. Here’s a link to their shop. You can also check out other brands that are great alternatives to doTERRA.

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