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Top 6 Best Essential Oil Subscription Boxes in 2023

There are many ways to enjoy the qualities of essential oils. From making lotion and salves to apply to the skin, to incorporating them in your bath or shower routine, deterring bed bugs, wasps and treating their bites, essential oils have proven to have lots of benefits.

One great way to explore other oils is by signing up for an essential oil subscription box. In this article, we’ll look into the best essential oil subscription boxes from different wellness brands and companies so you can decide which one is best for you. 

Besides subscription boxes, many essential oil companies also offer a Subscribe & Save option, which allows you to save on oils you repeatedly purchase.

Best Essential Oil Subscription Boxes

Here’s the round up of our top picks of essential oil subscription boxes:

Jade Bloom Collectors Club Subscription Box

In their mission to deliver “Health, Healing, & Happiness™ to as many people as possible,” Jade Bloom has the Collectors Club Subscription Box to help you “discover the convenience & ease of automatically building your collection of all-natural products and 100% pure oil.”

At $19.95 per month (free shipping included within the US), Jade Bloom sends out a package with products that exceeds that of your subscription fee. Every package you are guaranteed to get at least one or two essential oils, and two other items from their product lineup. You also get a recipe card with tips and tricks of how to get the most out of what they sent you. 

The Jade Bloom Collectors Club Subscription Box has a monthly, bimonthly, and quarterly option. 

Barefut Box

One of our top picks as one of the best alternatives to doTerra, Barefut also offers a great subscription box offering with the Barefut Box.

At $49.95 a month, you get a lot of value out of their box; they send one 15 mL bottle of a single or blend, with four additional 5 mL essential oil singles or blends. They throw in two other products from their lineup such as balms, lotions, dropper bottles. They have limited boxes to send out every month so make sure to sign up and secure one for yourself!

Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box

Simply Earth has received rave reviews for their Essential Oil Recipe Box. At $44.99 a month, you get tons and tons of benefits from them, especially when each box has products that’s worth ~$139 in retail price.

You are guaranteed to get at least four 15 mL bottles of 100% pure Simply Earth essential oils, along with other extras like carrier oils. They also come with comprehensive recipe cards so you can really explore how to use their oils and reap their benefits. Aside from that, you also have VIP access to their unreleased products, and have access to their exclusive Facebook group where you can ask tips and mingle with fellow ‘Earthies’.

To top it all off, Simply Earth has dedicated 13% of their profit towards their advocacacy of ending human sex trafficking. So not only are you learning more about essential oils, you’re also supporting their cause as well. 

Bombay & Cedar Seasonal Lifestyle Box

“…On a mission to help you find innovative ways to creatively enhance your lifestyle”, women-owned and operated Bombay & Cedar curates their monthly boxes to “help you live your values by providing useful, yet unique solutions for everyday life.”

They pride themselves in having a whole line of products that is vegan and cruelty-free, so they extend this in the products they showcase in their subscription boxes. You can choose between a quarterly plan at $84.95/box or an annual plan at $79.95/box.

Their boxes include a whole variety of products like activities, diy projects, beauty, skin care, home goods, accessories, and even vegan snacks. They partner with other brands and small businesses that they share an advocacy with in sustainability and select products from them to include in their box. That’s along with at least two of their essential oils. 

ECO. Modern Essentials Aromatherapy Boxes

ECO. is another women-led wellness brand launched in 2009 that’s “committed to positively impacting our planet and our global ECO. community.” 

Starting at $50, you can choose to get their ECO. Oil Club box every 2 months, ECO. Ritual Box at $100 every 3 months, and a customizable ECO. Toxic Free Home subscription sent monthly. You are guaranteed to get several ECO. essential oils in every box along with freebies, exclusive products and extras depending on your subscription option. 

Vitruvi The Essentials Club

With their belief “that scenting your home should be natural, effortless, and beautiful”, Vitruvi has dedicated to make fragrant, natural, vegan, and cruelty-free essential oils that’s meant to be enjoyed for their aromatherapeutic qualities. They also develop ‘design-forward’ stunning diffusers that doubles as great decor pieces for your home.

Unlike other subscription box options, Vitruvi offers quite a straightforward and customizable subscription plan: just order essential oils from them worth at least $45 for two months and you can be eligible to join The Scent Club. Once you’re in, you have a 15% discount on all their essential oil products (singles and blends).

Final Thoughts

Signing up for a subscription box is a great way to explore essential oils and their benefits and maybe introduce some variety in how you use them. Not only can you know more about essential oils, you can also get exclusive freebies and extras from these brands and can even have access to their network of experts and fellow essential oil enthusiasts! 

We recommend the subscription boxes from Barefut and Jade Bloom if you’re looking for the best ones to try out. 

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