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Jade Bloom vs doTERRA – Essential Oil Brand Reviews [2022]

Among the best alternatives to doTERRA is a “small company with a big vision.” Jade Bloom has managed to position themselves as one of the leading essential oil companies, in terms of quality, testing, and essential oil education. 

Why Jade Bloom?


(price range: $6.47>)

Out to deliver “Health, Healing, & Happiness™ to as many people as possible,” Jade Bloom is a company founded in 2014 by a group of naturalists. They are guided by their 4-pillar mission: 

  1. Commitment to quality over cost; 
  2. Education based on scientific studies;
  3. Customer-centric culture;
  4. Reasonably priced products that are results of efficient operations, low overhead

Jade Bloom University

Staying true to their mission of educating their customers and clients based on the best available scientific findings, Jade Bloom established the Jade Bloom University. 

Jade Bloom University is a free online educational course that aims to educate you about anything and everything they know about essential oils. It really feels like going through a legit university setup since you can earn a “degree” from them with the level of knowledge you get from them.

You get to learn the basics of essential oils for an “Associate Degree”, then how raw materials are grown, harvested, how oils are extracted and then tested in the “Bachelor Degree”. The “Master Degree” then teaches you more about the uses of essential oils like what singles and blends are and by the time you reach “Doctorate Degree”, you get to learn how to use over 100 different essential oils that Jade Bloom offers. You can get an increasing number of loyalty points as you progress through the “degrees” and earn up to $32 worth of essential oils for free. 

It’s a fun way to be educated about essential oils while also getting freebies from them by the end of the course. 

Return Policy

You can return opened products for any reason to Jade Bloom within 60 days of initial purchase. Unopened products may be returned within 6 months of purchase. They can refund in full in the form of your original payment method within 3 months of purchase.

Product Selection

They also offer other personal effects like oral care, skin care, hair care, deodorant and bathroom products, soaps and shampoos, and even tea



(price range: $17>)

Founded in 2008, doTERRA managed to rise as a prominent wellness brand offering pure, high quality essential oils to help achieve their vision of “empowering people to live a wellness lifestyle.”

doTERRA sources their raw materials for their essential oils from all over the world, and they also created their Co-Impact Sourcing™ program that aims to work with the local communities to create coalitions to make sure that local growers and distillers are treated fairly and paid properly. 

The trademark Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) was established by doTERRA to ensure that their essential oils are top of the line. It is important to note however that doTERRA does their own testing for their trademark protocol and does not involve any third-party in their quality control.

One of the reasons they have such a premium price point is they employ a multi-level marketing scheme. Their “Wellness Advocates” can also help you find the right essential oils for your needs. But aside from that, their products can easily be bought on their site, online commerce sites like Amazon, and retail stores. They also offer global shipping. 

Aside from essential oils, they have also expanded to offer doTerra Salon Essentials hair care, Veráge® Skin Care Products, and body care products.

Jade Bloom vs doTERRA

Here’s a summary between the two brands:

Jade BloomdoTERRA
Returns60 days for opened products, 6 months for unopened.30 days
GC-MS TestingYes, reports providedYes, reports provided
Organic lineNoNo


Here’s a comparison of prices of Jade Bloom’s most popular singles against doTERRA’s pricing. 

Top 10 Jade Bloom OilJade BloomdoTERRA
Sweet Orange$6.95$11.00-$14.67
Pink Grapefruit$7.95$19.00-$25.33
Sweet Basil$9.95$30.00-$40.00
Cinnamon Bark$12.95$29.00-$38.67

They offer a line of essential oil singles that are cold-extracted and pressed (they call this “pharmaceutical”) and steam distilled (which they call “therapeutic”) oils. Important to note that “pharmaceutical” and “therapeutic” are just their naming conventions for their products to distinguish the extraction process employed and does not actually have any pharmaceutical or therapeutic implications to their uses. 

They offer a sample of 1 mL, standard 10 mL, large 60 mL and even extra large 120 mL bottles for each oil, which is an option that doTERRA does not offer. This is a neat way of buying oils in one huge bottle depending on your needs instead of buying multiple small bottles. 


Here’s a side-by-side of some of doTERRA’s top proprietary blends to comparable blends of Jade Bloom.

Jade BloomdoTERRA
PROTECT – Immunity BlendOn Guard®
RELIEF – Respiratory Oil BlendBreathe
SOOTHE – Muscle/Nerve Oil BlendDEEP BLUE
WELL-BEING – Daily Oil BlendBalance
CITRUS – Refreshing Oil BlendCitrus Bliss
TRIM – Metabolic Oil BlendSlim and Sassy®
DIGEST – Gastrointestinal Oil BlendDigest Zen
CLEANSE – Purify Air Oil BlendPurity
UNWIND – Relaxing Oil BlendSerenity
DELIGHT – Uplifting Oil BlendElevation
EMPOWER – Progesterone Blend for WomenClary Calm
FOCUS – Brain Health Oil BlendIn-tune
INHALE – Breathing Blend

Jade Bloom offers a bit more variety in their blends than doTERRA, not to mention a wider and cheaper selection. Just like their singles, they offer 10 mL, 30 mL, 60 mL and even extra large 120 mL bottles for each blend, where you can save up to 40% instead of buying multiple standard 10 mL bottles at a time. 


Jade Bloom’s commitment to offering a line of products that’s a fraction of the cost of doTERRA’s is one of the reasons why we recommend Jade Bloom over them. They are also serious in their mission to educate their customers so they can make better choices and how to use essential oils more effectively through Jade Bloom University. Here’s a link to shop Jade Bloom’s whole product line. 

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