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Spark Naturals vs Rocky Mountain Oils – Essential Oil Brand Reviews [2023]

Can a thriving brand, Spark Naturals, be a suitable alternative to well-known Rocky Mountain Oils? Both are non-MLM (multi-level marketing) brands, making them excellent alternatives to expensive essential oil giants. However, there’s so much more to uncover to make the right choice for your unique needs.

Join us as we dive into a comprehensive Spark Naturals vs Rocky Mountain Oils comparison and learn all about these two essential oils brands

An Overview of Spark Naturals

Spark Naturals is a fairly new essential oil company founded in 2012 that provides “premium products at affordable prices.” They have a goal to educate and motivate those who use natural resources in their lives, which is why their assortment of products includes educational books.

Their essential oils are 100% steam distilled and cold-pressed. To ensure the highest standards of quality and purity, Spark Naturals resorts to verified third-party experts for GC-MS tests.

As a small, non-multi-tiered sales company, they sell directly to consumers (on their website and Amazon), which is how customers avoid the overhead costs of larger MLM brands. Their diverse product list includes essential oils, salves, balms, personal care items, and accessories to complement their essential oils.

An Overview of Rocky Mountain Oils

Founded in 2004, Rocky Mountain Oils has been providing 100% pure oils at affordable prices for almost 20 years. Through their authentic S.A.A.F.E. Promise™, RMO ensures that their essential oils are exactly what they claim they are: 100% pure, natural, authentic, and rigorously tested.

Instead of going for the costly MLM model, their products are sold directly to consumers through RMO’s website and Amazon page, which explains their reasonable pricing.

Rocky Mountain Oils has a wide range of essential oils (singles, blends, an organic line, and more) and essential oil products for personal care and for the home, including creams, moisturizers, conditioners, hand soap, and other goodies.

RMO is a sustainable brand that uses 100% recycled packaging materials and has its own Glass Bottle Recycling Program for customers to return essential oil bottles—including bottles from other companies.

Blends Comparison – Spark Naturals vs Rocky Mountain Oils

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of comparable blends from Spark Naturals and Rocky Mountain Oils so you can explore and test out alternatives.

Spark NaturalsRocky Mountain Oils
Respire (also on Amazon)Breathe Ease (also on Amazon)
LXR Majestic Breeze
Refresh Purify (also on Amazon)
Shield (also on Amazon)Immune Strength (also on Amazon)
Bliss Tranquility (also on Amazon)
Citrus Blossom Citrus Blend (also on Amazon)
Relief Migraine Support (also on Amazon)

Spark Naturals vs Rocky Mountain Oils

Spark NaturalsRocky Mountain Oils
Return Policy30 days. Full refund on unopened bottles and opened bottles if the reason for return is accepted by customer service. Details.90 days. Full refund on opened or unopened bottles, no questions asked. Details.
GC-MS TestingYes, but the reports aren’t providedYes, the reports are provided
Organic lineNoYes


Spark Naturals – With their company-to-customers sales approach, Spark Naturals’ products come with an affordable price tag. If you subscribe to their monthly oil club, you can get 10% off. Their essential oils come in 5 ml and 15 ml bottles, so there’s no saving on bulk packaging. 

Rocky Mountain Oils – Rocky Mountain Oils have almost the same pricing as Spark Naturals. They also have a subscription program that allows you to save up to 15%. While you’ll find single oils in 5 ml, 15 ml, and 4 oz bottles, for blends, they only offer 5 ml and 15 ml packaging or, for some blends, just 15 ml bottles.

Winner: Tie

Return Policy

Spark Naturals –  While Sparks Natural claims on their website that they’ll issue a full refund (without any questions asked) if for any reason you’re not satisfied with the products, their return policy claims that they “cannot accept returns on items that show any signs of use, unless pre-approved by customer service.” You have a 60-day window to make the return, so if you decide to ship back the products, it’s better to inquire with customer service about the details. 

Rocky Mountain Oils – Rocky Mountain Oils has one of the best return policies with its 90-day money-back guarantee. In addition to the generous timeframe, you can request a full refund regardless of whether you’ve opened the product or not. For more information about the return process, check out their return policy.

Winner: Rocky Mountain Oils

Product Selection

Spark Naturals – For a smaller brand, Spark Naturals has a decent collection of singles and blends. They also have a kids’ collection of roll-ons, as well as other products like salves, balms, sanitizers, accessories, jewelry, essential oil bags, and personal care products. For those looking to make the most of their money or who are new to essential oils, Spark Naturals’ essential oil kits are worth exploring.

Rocky Mountain Oils – Rocky Mountain Oils takes pride in its collection of over a hundred blends, dozens of singles, and various essential oil collections. You can peruse their kid-safe line, USDA-certified organic essential oils, and luxury essential oils. Their diversified offerings include accessories, household items, and personal care products for skin, hair, and bath.

Winner: Rocky Mountain Oils

Quality & Testing

Spark Naturals – Each shipment of Spark Naturals oils goes through testing to verify the potency, quality, and purity. They also send their oils to verified third-party experts for GC-MS testing. Unfortunately, GC-MS test results aren’t available on their website, but you can reach out to their customer service and request the reports if you wish. 

Rocky Mountain Oils – Rocky Mountain Oils ensures the quality of its oils through rigorous testing processes. They send their oils to a third-party lab for GC-MS testing. Each product page features GC-MS test results for customers to review, which gives them a slight advantage over Spark Naturals. Additionally, RMO’s in-house quality control team conducts internal analysis as an extra step to double-check the oil’s quality.

Winner: Rocky Mountain Oils

Summary – What’s the Best Essential Oil Brand for You?

Both Spark Naturals and Rocky Mountain Oils offer 100% pure oils at budget-friendly prices, but after careful evaluation, Rocky Mountain Oils emerges as the superior choice. 

With a broader selection, a customer-friendly return policy, and transparent testing results, it’s clear why RMO holds the title of one of the most popular essential oil brands on the market. 

Still undecided? To further aid your decision, you can explore Amazon reviews for both Rocky Mountain Oils and Spark Naturals. Curious about how Rocky Mountain Oils stacks up against other brands? Check out our RMO comparisons with renowned brand names like Plant Therapy, Edens Garden, and doTERRA.

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