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Edens Garden vs Rocky Mountain Oils – Essential Oil Brand Reviews [2023]

Edens Garden and Rocky Mountain oils are both non-MLM brands that offer affordable 100% pure oils produced at the highest standards. So, how to make a choice between the two?

Since each of us has our own individual essential oils needs and wishes, it’s best to get to know them both. Keep reading if you want to learn all about these two brands and decide which one is better for you.

An Overview of Edens Garden

This “women-led, family-owned, and faith-based company” was founded in 2009. The vision behind the company is to share high-quality, affordable essential oils so that more people can experience the medicinal and healing qualities of essential oils. Today, Edens Garden is among the top essential oil companies in the world. 

Edens Garden prides itself on the unparalleled quality of its products. Their oils are ethically and sustainably sourced and GC/MS-tested. Every product from their lineup is vegan, cruelty-free, and without synthetics, fillers, fragrances, or other toxic chemicals. 

The company follows the direct sales model which allows them to have notably lower prices compared to MLM brands. You can find their products on their website and on Amazon. Their product line-up includes hundreds of single oils and blends, a kid-safe collection of oils, as well as skincare items, diffusers, home products, and more.

An Overview of Rocky Mountain Oils

Rocky Mountain Oils had a somewhat earlier start compared to Edens Garden as the company was established back in 2004. Ever since, the company has been delivering 100% pure, natural, and therapeutic oils.

Just like Edens Garden, they don’t follow the MLM methodology, and they sell their products directly to customers (on the website and Amazon). The direct sale model explains why such high-quality oils come at a fair price. 

The company rigorously selects the suppliers and conducts GC/MS tests on hundreds of samples to select the best essential oils from their suppliers. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to their customers that their oils are always pure and potent. 

In addition to the classic singles, blends, and carrier oils, Rocky Mountain Oils also has an organic line of 10 USDA-certified oils. They also have a kids’ line and luxury oils

Rocky Mountain Oils were the pioneers of bottle recycling in the essential oil industry as they were the first to establish the Glass Bottle Recycling Program. All of their packaging are made from 100% recycled materials.

Blends Comparison – Edens Garden vs Rocky Mountain Oils

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of some of Edens Garden blends that are comparable to Rocky Mountain Oils’ blends. If you have a favorite oil from one brand, this will make it easier for you to test out whether you like the alternative. 

Edens GardenRocky Mountain Oils
Deep BreathBreathe Ease
Massage TherapyTrue Blue
Aroma FreshPurify
GuardianImmune Strength
Citrus CreamCitrus Blend
Awake & AwareBrainstorm
Gal PalFeminine-Aid

Edens Garden vs Rocky Mountain Oils

Edens GardenRocky Mountain Oils
Return Policy30 days. Full refund on opened or unopened bottles and free return shipping.Details.90 days. Full refund for any reason on opened or unopened bottles. Details.
GC-MS TestingYes, the reports are providedYes, the reports are provided
Organic lineNoYes


Edens Garden – Edens Garden has more than fair prices. Their singles oils come in 5 mL, 10 mL, and 30 mL bottles, so you can save even more if you go with a bigger bottle. Some of their products are available in bulk sizes (1 kg) which is the best budget-friendly solution. 

Rocky Mountain Oils – The price of Rocky Mountain Oils are pretty much the same as Edens Garden. They are super affordable, however, they don’t offer the same variety of packaging (their singles come only in 15 mL bottles) so there’s no room for saving there. If you’re a regular at their store, you can save up to 15% with their subscription program

Winner: Tie

Return Policy

Edens Garden – They have a 30-day (no questions asked) return policy, so the company will accept the return for any reason and refund the full amount if you send the product back within a month. Read more about the return process in their return policy

Rocky Mountain Oils – Rocky Mountain Oils has a generous 90-day return policy. You can send back the product within that time for any reason whether you’ve opened the product or not and you’ll get a full refund. For more information, check out their return policy.

Winner: Rocky Mountain Oils

Product Selection

Edens Garden – Edens Garden has one of the best selections of single oils, a good variety of blends, roll-ons, and carrier oils. They also have a kids collection, OK for Kids, created by aromatherapist Sylla Sheppard-Hanger and essential oil chemist Dr. Robert Pappas. Aside from oils, their product selection includes bar soaps, bath salts, body/ massage oils, perfumes, room sprays, and various diffusers.

Rocky Mountain Oils – The company offers an impressive number of both singles and blends and several beneficial carrier oils. To meet the needs of different shoppers, Rocky Mountain Oils offers a kids’ line, an organic line of oils, and a line of luxury oils for essential oils connoisseurs. In their assortment of products, you can also find products for personal care, supplements, household products, and accessories such as diffusers, aromatherapy inhalers, and much more.

Winner: Tie

Quality & Testing

Edens Garden – As a guarantee of quality, purity, and safety, Edens Garden tests each batch of oils at a 3rd party lab. If the oil doesn’t meet the standards, it is never used. Their customers can check the GC/MS report on the product page so the testing results and list of ingredients are available for everyone to see. 

Rocky Mountain Oils – Rocky Mountain Oils send their oils for GC/MS testing in an independent, 3rd party lab. To double-check the quality, their in-house quality control team runs an additional internal analysis.

Winner: Tie

Summary – What’s the Best Essential Oil Brand for You?

Even after revising every single aspect of these brands, choosing between Edens Garden and Rocky Mountain Oils is tough. Their prices are the same, the variety of the products is similar (Edens Garden has more singles and Rocky Mountain Oils has more blends), and they both maintain high standards of 100% pure essential oils. Even Amazon reviews for Rocky Mountain Oils and Edens Garden are alike and mainly positive.  

So, how can you pick your favorite?

Since the differences are minimal, you can base your decision on your specific needs. If you prefer blends, Rocky Mountain Oils can offer you more options. If you like single essential oils, you can find more on the Edens Garden website. Or, if you are looking for organic oils, then Rocky Mounting Oils is a clear winner.

All in all, both brands are amazing and affordable, so it all comes down to your priorities. 

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