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Mountain Rose Herbs vs Rocky Mountain Oils – Essential Oil Brand Reviews [2023]

Mountain Rose Herbs and Rocky Mountain Oils both offer pure oils, affordable prices, and a wide selection of natural products. Now, faced with the decision between the two, which one should you choose?

In this Mountain Rose Herbs vs Rocky Mountain Oils comparison, we’ll dive into their product offerings, pricing, return policies, and other relevant factors, so you can find the best essential oil brand for your needs.

An Overview of Mountain Rose Herbs

Mountain Rose Herbs is one of the oldest essential oils companies on the market, founded in 1987. Despite changing ownership over the years, the company has upheld its commitment to organic and ethically sourced products. As they proudly emphasize, “From our farmers in the fields to our herbalists in the kitchen, we focus on the environmental and social impact of every business decision we make.”

In addition to essential oils, MRH also stocks natural perfumes, candles, teas, home goods, products for bath and body care, and so much more. They uphold several notable certifications, including OTCO/USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Certification of Compliance. 

They operate in an entirely different league compared to multi-level marketing (MLM) companies by selling their products on their website and through wholesale channels, which allows them to maintain cost-effective prices.

To contribute to education about essential oils and herbs, MRH delivers a variety of resources such as books, blog posts, a YouTube channel, and an herbal radio podcast for those keen on learning about herbs and natural remedies.

They are highly focused on reduction, reclamation, and recycling. Their top priority is using only what they truly need, which led them to embrace the zero waste policy.

An Overview of Rocky Mountain Oils

Since 2004, Rocky Mountain Oils is dedicated to delivering 100% pure and therapeutic oils. The company takes great care in selecting suppliers and conducts GC-MS tests on hundreds of samples to choose the finest essential oils.

The company has managed to avoid the MLM sales approach by selling directly to customers on its website and Amazon. That’s how they ensure high-quality oils at fair prices.

RMO’s selection of oils includes singles, blends, an organic line, a kids’ line, luxury oils, and carrier oils. Customers can also shop for accessories, personal care products, and household items.

RMO leads the way in sustainability by pioneering bottle recycling in the essential oil industry. They have their own Glass Bottle Recycling Program and use 100% recycled materials for packaging.

Blends Comparison – Mountain Rose Herbs vs Rocky Mountain Oils

Take a look at this side-by-side comparison of Mountain Rose Herbs blends and their counterparts from Rocky Mountain Oils. It’s a handy way to explore alternatives if you have a favorite oil from one brand.

Mountain Rose HerbsRocky Mountain Oils
BreatheBreathe Ease (also on Amazon)
Sleep Counting Sheep
ShieldImmune Strength (also on Amazon)
Citrus BlendCitrus Blend (also on Amazon)
Calming Tranquility (also on Amazon)

Mountain Rose Herbs vs Rocky Mountain Oils

Mountain Rose HerbsRocky Mountain Oils
Return Policy30 days. Full refund on unopened bottles. Details.90 days. Full refund on opened or unopened bottles, no questions asked. Details.
GC-MS TestingYes, the reports are providedYes, the reports are provided
Organic lineYesYes


Mountain Rose Herbs – Mountain Rose Herbs has reasonable prices for high-quality essential oils. The company gets bonus points for its diverse range of bottle sizes, including .52 oz, 1 oz, 4 oz, and 16 oz options, with some oils available in 5 ml bottles too.

Rocky Mountain Oils – Rocky Mountain Oils are slightly pricier than Mountain Rose Herbs, but the difference isn’t significant. RMO offers affordable essential oils, but some of their blends are only available in 15 mL bottles, so there’s no extra room for savings in packaging options. However, if you’re a loyal customer, you can save up to 15% through their subscription program

Winner: Mountain Rose Herbs

Return Policy

Mountain Rose Herbs – They have a 30-day full refund return policy, but this only applies to unopened and undamaged items. MRH won’t be responsible for shipping costs unless the error was made by them. You can learn more about the return process in their return policy

Rocky Mountain Oils – Rocky Mountain Oils has a 90-day return policy. Whether you’ve opened the product or not, you can send it back for a full refund within that time. For more details, refer to their return policy.

Winner: Rocky Mountain Oils

Product Selection

Mountain Rose Herbs – Mountain Rose Herbs is more than an essential oil company. They are also dedicated to herbalism and aromatherapy, so their selection of products is quite diversified. While they have a limited collection of blends, RMO compensates with an amazing array of singles, including organic oils. They also offer aromatherapy products, herbs, spices, teas, health products like throat sprays, bath and body products, home goods, and educational materials like books. 

Rocky Mountain Oils – While RMO might not have as extensive a product variety as Mountain Rose Herbs, they excel in their oil offerings. They have an impressive collection of blends, a kids’ line, organic oils, and luxury oils for essential oil enthusiasts. In addition to oils, their range of products includes personal care items, supplements, household products, and various accessories like diffusers and aromatherapy inhalers. 

Winner: Tie

Quality & Testing

Mountain Rose Herbs – Mountain Rose Herbs took a pioneering step by setting up an onsite microbial and analytical lab for their herbal products. They conduct in-house organoleptic testing, and many oils have GC-MS analysis available. These reports are provided by either their suppliers or trusted third-party labs. If you want access to the reports and certificates of analysis, you can request them through the quality control department.

Rocky Mountain Oils – Rocky Mountain Oils ensures top-notch quality by sending their oils for GC-MS testing at an independent, 3rd party lab. The reports are available on each product’s page. They also take it a step further by conducting an internal analysis through their in-house quality control team.

Winner: Tie

Summary – What’s the Best Essential Oil Brand for You?

Mountain Rose Herbs and Rocky Mountain Oils are two highly esteemed brands among essential oil connoisseurs. As seen in their positive Amazon reviews, both brands are dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction. However, their strengths lie in different areas. 

Rocky Mountain Oils excels in offering a wide range of blends and accessories like diffusers and recipes to ensure that you make the most of essential oils. On the other hand, Mountain Rose Herbs acts as a central hub for organic products with its diverse selection of aromatherapy products and herbs in addition to essential oils. Do you wish to explore other sought-after essential oil brands? Find out how Rocky Mountain Oils compares to other popular brands in our RMO comparisons with doTERRA, Plant Therapy, and Edens Garden.

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