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NOW vs Rocky Mountain Oils – Essential Oil Brand Reviews [2023]

NOW and Rocky Mountain Oils lead the way when it comes to quality essential oils with affordable price tags. But which brand of the two is the superior choice?

We have compared NOW vs Rocky Mountain Oils based on their oil quality, product selections, third-party testing, return policies, and of course, pricing. Let’s see whether NOW or Rocky Mountain Oils deserves the title of the ultimate essential oil brand.

An Overview of NOW

NOW Foods is a family business founded in 1968 by Elwood Richard. They have become a well-known name for natural products and dietary supplements by offering “high-quality natural products at prices that everyone loves.” 

Their catalog of essential oils includes pure essential oils, blends, and USDA organic-certified essential oils (with some exceptions like synthetic jasmine, which is clearly labeled). When it comes to other products, they also supply supplements, beauty and health products, natural foods, and even products for pet health.

NOW maintains an in-house state-of-the-art laboratory and employs experts to verify the results of external quality tests. Their oils are non-GMO, cruelty-free, and vegan, and you can even download their Purity Specification Guide for more information. 

They sell their products through various retailers, including Amazon, Whole Foods, Walmart, and Walgreens. 

NOW is dedicated to giving back, and it collaborates with various charitable organizations. They support causes like environmental initiatives, conservation, reforestation, hunger relief, disaster relief, and many others.

An Overview of Rocky Mountain Oils

Rocky Mountain Oils was established in 2004 by wellness enthusiasts with a shared vision—to provide pure and safe essential oils suitable for the whole family. To achieve that goal, they carefully select suppliers from around the world and conduct GC-MS tests on hundreds of samples to ensure that essential oils of the highest quality are delivered to their customers.

Their extensive collection caters to all essential oil enthusiasts, and it encompasses singles, blends, essential oil kits, organic oils, kid-safe oils, and luxury essential oils. They also sell household items, personal care products, and accessories

To avoid the hefty prices that come with the multi-level marketing, RMO sells its products directly to customers. Their products are available on their website as well as on Amazon

RMO is committed to sustainability, so they’ve transitioned to eco-friendly packaging and have implemented their own Glass Bottle Recycling Program

Blends Comparison – NOW vs Rocky Mountain Oils

Discover alternatives to your favorite blends with these NOW and Rocky Mountain Oils comparables.

NOWRocky Mountain Oils
Clear the Air (also on Amazon)Purify (also on Amazon)
Nature’s Shield (also on Amazon)Immune Strength (also on Amazon)
Peaceful Sleep (also on Amazon)Counting Sheep
Peace and Harmony (also on Amazon)Tranquility (also on Amazon)
Mental Focus (also on Amazon)Focusing
Cheer Up Buttercup (also on Amazon)Energize
Naturally Loveable (also on Amazon)Love (also on Amazon)
Bug Ban Bug Away

NOW vs Rocky Mountain Oils

NOWRocky Mountain Oils
Return Policy30 days. Full refund on unopened bottles and damaged products.Details.90 days. Full refund on opened or unopened bottles, no questions asked.Details.
GC-MS TestingYes, but reports aren’t providedYes, the reports are provided
Organic lineYesYes


NOW – One of NOW’s biggest advantages over competitors is its cost. NOW products are among the most affordable in the market, while still maintaining a high quality. So, if price is your primary concern, NOW is a top choice for budget-friendly essential oils. They also have an amazing selection of packaging, including 0.33 oz, 1 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz, and 16 oz bottles. However, not all essential oils come with this variety of bottle sizes, and some are only available in 1 oz bottles.

Rocky Mountain Oils – Rocky Mountain Oils are a bit more expensive than NOW, but they also have some perks available for their loyal customers to cut down costs. Through their subscription program, regular customers can earn points on purchases and referrals for extra benefits and save up to 15%. Their essential oils are available in 5 ml (0.17 oz), 15 ml (0.5 oz), and 4 oz bottles, but some only come in single-size packaging of 15 ml. 

Winner: NOW

Return Policy

NOW – NOW allows its customers to send back unopened products within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. The same policy applies to damaged items or products with errors. Keep in mind that this return policy applies only to products purchased on their website.

Rocky Mountain Oils – The company has a straightforward return policy that allows customers to return products for a full refund within 90 days, whether the products have been opened or not. You can learn more about the process in their return policy.

Winner: Rocky Mountain Oils

Product Selection

NOW – NOW isn’t just an essential oil company. They have a diverse range of health products such as natural foods, supplements, sports nutrition, pet products, and a wide array of beauty products. When it comes to essential oils, their selection is medium-sized. While they offer singles, blends, roll-ons, carrier oils, and an organic line of oils, if you’re seeking a wider variety, you may want to consider other companies with a more extensive selection.

Rocky Mountain Oils – As a company that focuses on essential oils, RMO has a praise-worthy selection of singles and blends. They also feature essential oil kits, a kid-safe line, organic oils, and a luxury line of oils. So, when it comes to essential oils, RMO has the advantage over NOW. Besides essential oils, RMO also offers diffusers, aromatherapy inhalers, personal care items, supplements, and household products.

Winner: Rocky Mountain Oils

Quality & Testing

NOW – NOW has an in-house team of quality control experts who conduct rigorous tests to ensure that every oil meets its standards. They assess the quality of their essential oils through various physical and physiochemical techniques. For GC-MS testing, NOW uses a dedicated third-party testing laboratory while they’re also developing an in-house GC-MS testing program for essential oil analysis.

Rocky Mountain Oils – Rocky Mountain Oils guarantees premium quality by subjecting their oils to GC-MS testing at a third-party lab. You can find the reports on each product’s page for transparency. In addition, they have an in-house quality control team that conducts further internal analysis.

Winner: Tie

Summary – What’s the Best Essential Oil Brand for You?

Choosing between NOW and Rocky Mountain Oils is much harder than it seems. They both offer high-quality oils at fair prices and have excellent reviews on Amazon (check out NOW and RMO Amazon store pages to see for yourself). 

However, our vote goes to Rocky Mountain Oils because of their extensive collection of essential oils, including kid-safe and luxury lines, and a more generous return policy, which can be useful. While NOW excels in affordability, if price isn’t the main concern, you can find more benefits with RMO. Discover how Rocky Mountain Oils measures up against other popular brands in our comparisons with Plant Therapy, Edens Garden, and doTERRA.

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