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Barefut Essential Oils Brand Review

Barefut has made an incredible impact on the essential oil market by offering the same quality as expensive name brands of oils but for around half the price. Since there’s usually some sort of hesitance when you see brands that offer 100% pure, therapeutic oils at a low cost, we’ve decided to do an in-depth review of Barefut.

If you’re on the hunt for the next best essential oils brand and you’ve come across Barefut, this can help you get to know the brand and its products better. Once you learn more about the quality of their oils, testing protocols, selection of products, and overall what can this company offer that others don’t, it can be easier to decide whether Barefut has the chance to become your next favorite essential oil brand. 

A Company Overview

Barefut’s story starts in December 2010 in Spanish Fork, Utah when certified aromatherapists decided to found a company that will “meet the local needs of health stores, chiropractors, spas, and individuals.” Their high-quality oils at affordable prices soon caught the attention of many and as a result, the company has grown exponentially. All of their products are natural and chemical-free.

The core of Barefut mission is to provide “nature’s finest and purest essential oils and related natural health products at affordable prices” with integrity and honesty. That combination of 100% pure essential oils and low price is why many customers made an easy switch away from multi-level marketing companies like doTERRA or Young Living.

Barefut Prices 

Barefut oils fall in the average price category. The oils are more than affordable when you compare them to the prices of MLM brands. For example, 15 mL Barefut’s Fresh Air costs $13.59 while its Young Living comparable Purification has a $39.80 price tag. 

What’s also worth mentioning is that Barefut has one of the highest reward points in the essential oil industry. You earn 1 reward point for every $2 spent on purchases. When you wish to redeem the points, 10 points earn you a $1 discount. This is equivalent to 5% of all your purchases.

Barefut Essential Oils Quality 

Barefut’s essential oils are 100% pure and therapeutic. For the finest quality, the company sources oils from over 35 countries around the world. They also must be organically grown and ethically produced to be accepted by Barefut. 

The essential oils are extracted by steam distillation or by cold pressing. You can check the extraction method on each essential oil’s product description.

Barefut makes sure that all the products are free from chemicals, pesticides, additives, fillers, or any other type of dilution. To prevent oxidation and create a barrier between the oil and oxygen, they nitrogen cap the essential oil containers. Another measure they take is to store the oils in a cool, temperature-controlled, windowless room.

Barefut Testing Processes

To achieve that level of quality they provide, Barefut’s testing methods are very strict. Every batch of oil is GC/MS tested. In addition, the oil is analyzed by chemists of Essential Oil University under the direction of Dr. Robert Pappas. 

For absolute transparency and proof of quality, every bottle has a lot number for reference. You can use it to check the GC/MS report and get the details about the compounds.

Barefut Product Selection

Barefut has an incredible variety of quality essential oils as well as other health and care products. Their selection of oils contains (at the moment) over 100 single essential oils, over 45 blends, and 20 carrier oils. They also have a Kid Friendly line of oils that is safe for children over 2 years old.

You can choose between two bottle sizes: 5 mL and 15 mL. The bottle design makes it super easy for customers to find what they need as they all have the same amber-glass-simplistic look embellished only with the brand name and the name of the oil in a vibrant color. 

In addition to oils, you can also shop for many other natural products, including:

If you love a good subscription box offering, you may like the Barefut Box. This box offers great value and it’s a fun way of trying out their products as you’ll get a different mix of their items every month. The cost is $49.95 a month and the number of boxes per month is limited, so you need to make an order on time.

Are Barefut Essential Oils for Internal Use?

Even though Barefut’s essential oils are 100% pure, they don’t recommend internal ingestion. Essential oils are very potent and they can cause serious problems when not taken according to specific instructions. 

The company is followed by the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) advice which states: “Do not take essential oils internally without appropriate advanced aromatherapy education and understanding of the safety issues involved in doing so.”

Barefut Customer Service & Return Policy

Barefut has built a strong foundation of trust among its customers. They have overwhelmingly positive reviews and they are available for any customer inquiries via email, phone, or website form. 

If you’d like to return an unopened product, Barefut offers a full refund within 30 days of the purchase. The shipped products must have the original seal and arrive undamaged for the refund to be completed. 

In case you have a quality complaint, the company with conduct a quality control inspection to determine whether the claim is valid. If it is, you will get the refund within 30 days as well.

Final Thoughts

As a relatively small company, Barefut has managed to become one of the best alternatives for widely-known MLM companies such as doTERRA. With low to average pricing and higher-than-average product selection, this company has a lot to offer to its customers. 

There’s no doubt about the oils’ quality and if you wish to find a more affordable alternative to those expensive oil brands, Barefut is a good choice. You can take baby steps by getting a bottle (or a few) and if you can like it, the box set allows you to affordably test out their wide variety of oils and other products.

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