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Essential Oils for Yoga

Yoga and essential oils are two things that a lot of people are interested in but don’t always know where to get started.  If you are in the same boat with either of these topics keep reading, we’ve got some great tips for you today.

September is National Yoga Month and there are a lot of exciting things happening to celebrate.  Studios across the nation are joining in the fun with a free week of yoga classes.  Over 1600 studios are participating, click here for more information and to find a studio near you.

Yoga and essential oils go together like chocolate and peanut butter.  It’s like one was made for the other.  Here are some oils that will complement your yoga practice beautifully.

  • For energy or a mood boost – cassia, clary sage or citrus oils
  • To ease sore muscles – rosemary, lavender, or our blend Cool Relief
  • For centering and grounding – frankincense
  • To calm the mind – lavender, bergamot, and ylang ylang. (Watch for these last two oils coming soon to Better Essentials!)

All you need to do is pick an oil that will meet your needs.  You can add a couple of drops to your diffuser before or during your yoga practice.  Or dilute your oil with your favorite carrier oil and rub a little on your wrists.  Oils to relieve sore muscles will be most helpful if diluted with carrier oil and massaged directly into sore spots, usually the day after practice when soreness tends to peak. They will be even more helpful if you can find someone else to do the massaging for you!

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