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Marjoram Essential Oil


Marjoram is a perennial herb found in the Mediterranean and throughout Europe. It is a great essential oil choice for relaxation and sleep.

Quick Facts

  • Botanical name: Origanum majorana
  • Part: Flower/Leaf
  • Method: Steam Distilled
  • Sourced from: Hungary
  • Aroma: Dry, camphorous
  • Consistency: Thin

Suggested uses

For the relief of anxiety, grief, hyperactivity, insomnia, nervous tension, and stress, use 2-3 drops in a diffuser, or add 8-10 drops in bath water before bedtime.

For the relief of arthritis, lumbago, muscular aches and stiffness, and sprains, use 2-3 drops in 1 ounce of carrier oil and massage affected areas, Can also be used in a hot or cold compress as needed.

For the relief of symptoms associated with asthma, bronchitis, colds and coughs, use 2-3 drops in 1 ounce of carrier oil and rub on chest and throat.  Can also use 2-3 drops in a steam inhalation.

For the relief of bruises or chillblains, use 2-3 drops in a carrier oil and dab on area. Can also be used neat, but just on affected area. (Essential oils are highly concentrated plant oils. Read and follow instructions for use carefully.)

For the relief of digestive problems, like constipation, indigestion, and flatulence, use 2-3 drops in a carrier oil and massage on back. 

Blends well with bergamot, clary sage, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, orange, rosemary, tea tree, thyme, and ylang ylang.


Keep out of reach of children. Consult a physician before using if you are pregnant, nursing, or receiving treatment. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.

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