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Are Better Essentials oils Food Grade? 

What are food grade oils? 

The FDA has a list of certain essential oils which are considered to be Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) for internal consumption.  These may be included as additives in the food that you eat or buy at the store.  The essential oils on this list, if 100% pure and unadulterated, are considered to be "Food Grade" essential oils.  By this definition, many Better Essentials oils are Food Grade.  

Can Better Essentials oils be used internally? 

This often raises the question, can Better Essentials be used internally?  As a company, we do not advocate the internal use of any essential oils, regardless of their quality.  We take this approach because of our belief that the aromatic and topical uses are both safer and more effective than taking essential oils internally.  Essential oils are highly concentrated substances, and if used improperly, can cause serious damage to your body. 

That being said, because our essential oils are 100% pure and of the highest quality, many of our customers who are comfortable using essential oils internally choose to use Better Essentials. We recommend consulting with a Medical Doctor qualified in clinical aromatherapy if you are considering starting to take essential oils internally. 

List of Better Essentials oils that are Food Grade




Clary Sage








Roman Chamomile



Ylang Ylang

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