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At Better Essentials, we are working hard to bring quality, 100% pure essential oils to as many people as possible, for the best available price.  We love working with our affiliates, who help do this.  

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate for Better Essentials, please read this page and then click the link to sign up below.  By signing up to be an affiliate for Better Essentials, you agree to our Terms and Conditions.  Please review them carefully, and contact us at if you have any questions.  


1. The Better Essentials Affiliate Program is a service that allows you to earn commission on sales referred to using specially tracked links. 
2. Joining is free, and you will receive commissions based on a percentage of sales resulting from clicks on links you post.  
3. It is expected you will be courteous and responsible in posting and promoting your links. Spamming is prohibited.  Better Essentials reserves the right to remove you from our Affiliate Program for any behavior deemed inappropriate.  


Am I eligible to become an affiliate for Better Essentials?
Probably!  Our affiliates have a wide variety of backgrounds.  The Better Essentials brand and product offerings are ideal for websites, blogs, or online stores related to health, wellness, or do-it-yourself content.  But our affiliates are not limited to these.  If you are interested in sharing information and posting links about Better Essentials, regardless of your internet presence (or lack of), we encourage you to sign up!  You must be 18 or older.  
What is your commission rate?
You will receive 15% of the purchase price of every sale resulting from your link clicks.  See the Terms and Conditions before signing up for more information.  
How and when will I be paid?
Payments are made automatically on the 20th day of each month when your account balance has reached $50 or more for the previous months' transactions.  You will need a PayPal account to receive payment.  
How do I sign up?
Great question!  Click the link below, review our Terms and Conditions, and you'll be provided an affiliate account with a unique link you can start promoting today.  


Become an Affiliate